Panel odds managment — Prematch and Live

Prematch Panel Control panel for prematch events


Control panel for prematch events

The panel can use any type of input feed, allowing full management for customising markets .

Individual event customisation control.

Percentage management by individual market.

Historical odds list items

Full control of messages received for the change of odds.

History of results received.

Full control of messages received for the change of results.

Results change.

Possibility of varying reports.

Band creation and customisation.

Customised creation of quota changes according to the event's start time.

Event creation.

Customised creation of events.

Nomenclature of markets and events.

Full management of market and outcome nomenclatures.

Live Panel Control panel for Live events


Selection of events to be sent online.

Selection of events for the preparation of the event calendar to be sent online.

Ongoing events that can be stopped .

possibility of removing a live event from the online schedule.

Log to check odds stops .

Consultation log to check odds and market stops during the event and also at the end of the event.

Instant percentage management on live events.

Possibility of changing the percentage of a market in a live event. The change is implemented immediately..